Part 1: Starting Strategy

Start Your Wealth of Points Today!

Racking up points and miles for trips and vacations is not as hard to start up as it may seem. But before you do you should have an idea of what your looking to accomplish or where your looking to go. Each strategy will differ slightly. But as a good starting point the best card to start with is the Chase Sapphire Preferred with a 40,000 sign up bonus. The major bonus of he card is the vast transfer partners your able to merger points with. We will come back to that in a later post.

I started my miles saving journey in High School, I started with the now discontinued United Student card with a whopping 10,000 mileage signup. The rewards were pretty bad, .5 miles per $1 spent, but with no credit I was lucky to get anything at 16 years old. As a kid I traveled and already had some United miles so I wanted to continue to build up to ultimately pay for a honeymoon for free, yes sounds pretty lame but it was my goal.

Once I got into college I expanded my credit cards and signed up for the United Explorer card ( this card gave me an additional 30,000 miles) As a sophomore in college I already had over 50,000 miles for United on a minimal college budget and very little travel.

In 2010 I made the smartest credit card addition to my portfolio, the merger of United and Continental. Most people would be concerned based on status and loyalty but I was just racking up points on daily living expenses and no travel. The Contential card gave me 40,000 miles, and once the merger of systems took place I had over 80,000 miles on United. (Worth 2 saver Hawaii round trip tickets)

Every so often there were surveys or other promotions that would give you 200+ miles for some of your time. It was worth it.

Because I already started my miles collecting journey, I decided to apply for the chase sapphire preferred, which has transferability to United. The promotion was for an amazing 70,000 points! That gives me in total 150,000 combined points.

Do not get the urge to use on items or cash back/gift cards. Your point value is much higher when used for  travel.

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