Day 1 – Travel Day to London (May 29th)

Two days after our big day that flew by we get our packed bags and head to the airport for a days worth of travel to London. Got a good amount of sleep compared to the last couple weeks, woke up at 4 am to head to the buffalo airport. I got through security fine but the suspicious lauren had to get her bag checked because she didn’t take out one of her liquid bottles, no big deal though there was no lines and TSA was extremely friendly.

Of course the timing would end up this way, blisters on Laurens feet started to really hurt from the nights worth of dancing. So once we got to the terminal we sat in some seats far from people and worked on “relieving” the pain. That involved josh having to push a pin through it so we could drain it and put some first aid cream on it prior to starting our European adventure.

Upon boarding the plane, myself the “travel pro” was THAT GUY with the suitcase that was clearly toooo big to fit in the overhead bin that was punching and pushing it in and it went no where, I tried 4 times prior to putting it in a aisle and taking out a couple of things so I could compress it a little more. Lauren did an amazing job packing, it was tough but we really wanted to ensure we packed everything into carry on bags because we would be traveling between many different locations.

Lauren has always said that Benadryl doesn’t make her sleepy but either she is catching up on sleep or her mom gave us extra extra strength because she has been passed out since we first got in the air. I tried to get upgrades at both terminals in buffal and New Jersey with no luck, but at least we are in the economy plus with more than enough leg room, but with that said I think the seats could be a little more comfortable it’s clearly and older plane and the seats have lost there cushion in the back support.

But  entertainment is really good, half way through the movie lunch came around and we had the pasta that for plane food in economy exceeded expectations, even a dessert was given after.

Little over 2 hours to go, 2 movies down. First was deadbolt which was pretty funny, just finished the big short, now starting catch me if you can. Supposed to be landing around 8:33pm London time, I don’t know if lauren will be able to sleep tonight she has been sleeping the whole trip so far

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  1. Enjoy! Have tons of fun. Loved seeing all tho wedding photos on fab. So classic and beautiful. Best wishes Josh and Lauren for a life time of happiness! Enjoy, Relax and have a Blast!

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