Day 2 Lauren and Josh Take Over London

First thing we were told to do when you get to London is take a hop on hop off bus, and reviews I found online said use the golden tours…. Possibly the worse mistake anyone could do. If you go to London and want a tour bus DO NOT TAKE GOLDEN TOURS!

The day was a little chilly compared to weeks prior we so didn’t have exactly the right clothes, but we made the best of everything. When we went to the stop for the bus that was next to the hotel every other brand of bus went by like 10 times before I decided to call and see what was taking so long, like 30mins to hour later I decided to call. They stated that our stop wasn’t in service today because of the London marathon going on, even though every other bus was able to make it and we weren’t that close to it. So we had to venture off too different stop to catch the bus.

Once we started the tour we were able to get a good view of all the major sites and attractions with some good audio history background. We decided to take it the London Tower aka London Bridge first so get some pictures and walk our way back along the river.

During our walk back we stopped at the London eye and took a ride to get prime view of the city and for some additional pictures. It was extremely pretty and amazing to see all the historic buildings that have made it through the test of time. I couldn’t stop taking pictures of Big Ben and Westminster Abby. Because of the delays and waits we decided to not get tours of the buildings because our limited time.

After venturing around some more we got back on our LOVELY golden tours bus again waiting way over the promised time interval. Our next stop we got off at Buckingham Palace. That was truly remarkable also,  the guards standing motionless until a random time and the doing there March patrol in front of the door was like a blast to the past.

Next we headed to Harrods the famous 7 story luxury shopping storm. Didn’t get anything but it was still cool to go adventure around looking at all the various luxury lines from clothing to technology to kids toys, candy, and there own restaurants. So after a quick dinner we went to the famous? Harrods Ice Cream Parlor

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