Day 4/5 Off to Zurich Switzerland!


We left the hotel bright and early thinking it was going to be a long drive and long wait through the security scan in Heathrow, but we were wrong. It was the fastest easiest security walk through ever, no wait, no line, didn’t have to take off shoes and there was visual management throughout to ensure a smooth walk through. We had to check in our bags because they were “TOO Big” for traveling, the bags have to be under 8kg to be carried on even though it was a normal size plane. So both bags had to go into check in. Luckily they didn’t weigh our book bags because they were probably just as heavy as our roll on bags.


The flight was pleasant over as we received swiss chocolates throughout the flight. Once we arrived the language barrier started to come on. We arrived in Zürich in the late afternoon losing an hour going east. We were no long in an English-speaking country and we had to find the train to the hotel, and when everything is in a different language it makes it intimidating. Luckily Lauren was very good at speaking English and was able to communicate to the ticket representatives and ensure we got on the right train. Once we finally got to the platform for the train we missed the direct one to our station. So we had to ask people there how to get to our hotel. We jumped on another train and it only took us ½ way so we had to get on another and then we arrived at the right stop. I am pretty sure on the last one we could have gotten in trouble because we sat in first class and signs were saying how we could get a fine.

We found the hotel pretty easy once we got to our final stop. The hotel staff was extremely friendly and we had the executive lounge to grab dinner. Free wine, beer, and finger foods. It was great all I hoped for though was for the weather to be better tomorrow as we were going to the Bernese Oberland “Top of Europe” for a mountain adventure! Also by the way Swiss LOVE WATCHES…. Every turn another watch shop and yup at the very top of Europe more watch stations.

During our stop for dinner we came back to the room and all the lights were changed and the shades were down, I should have been smarter than this but I called the front desk and asked and they mentioned it was turn down service and they leave more chocolate on your bed.

Day 5 – The Journey to the Top of Europe (Cloudy 🙁 )

… The day was cloudy and we didn’t get to see anything… this is the extreme low of the honeymoon. I was overly excited to see the Swiss Alps and take some amazing pictures. We still did it but the cloud cover was extreme. We took the train all the way to the top which was a fun adventure but the sights were limited. On the way we were able to see glimpses of the beauty of the land and the alps and it was really sad we weren’t able to see everything. Well…. Guess that means we need to make a trip back some point J

For dinner we stopped at a local burrito Place, yes burritos in Switzerland, they said they were from California and the guys inside had a GREAT time with us. Lauren didn’t want beans the guys kept wanting to give beans on the burrito and they gave us samples of the “Hot Salsa and Medium”. Lauren kept saying you don’t know Mexican and they laughed. We took awhile debating on a drink because she didn’t want carbonated lemonade but they only said the soda was “Organic”.

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