Day 6 – Explore Zurich $$$- Water cost more than BEER!

IMG_3027The next day we ventured around the shops in Zurich, WOW FYI everything is extremely expensive. The currency is equal in value but the cost of water is $7, a magnet that says its made in Switzerland but looks just like the ones made in china is over$12. We got a couple little souvenirs but tried to stay on a budget because everything was soo expensive. Zurich is more in a valley between the mountains so we were able to get some nice pictures throughout the town and see some of the history. It’s a beautiful area and wish the weather was better during our whole stay. Later we had a dinner. Sadly the waitress was extremely rude, and unhelpful. You could hear her disgust when she walked away after we had a couple of questions on the menu.

We continued to venture around this beautiful city, with watch shops on every corner let alone an entire street of watch stores we also found numerous chocolate shops. We decided we had to at least buy some even though it was expensive. We went into a lovely chocolate shop and the people working inside were extremely helpful and pleasant. They gave us chocolates to try because we didn’t know how they would taste. In Switzerland, maybe in US also but I never noticed, they really like there truffles with alcohol in them. So I had to get a couple I got a Rum truffle and a Bailey’s one for trial. Later Lauren accidentally had my Bailey one and wasn’t a huge fan, even though it was actually pretty good it was probably just unexpected when she tried it.

At this time I was pretty upset the weather had been subpar and I was willing to change our entire schedule because it looked like Venice was going to be a complete washout, and I really wanted some sun and nice weather after the gloomy weather in both London and Switzerland. Looking at the weather report every hour in every app and weather website I could find. 1 out of all of them said the weather was going to be nice, and the cost to change our plans would be too much at this point as the flights and train tickets where non-refundable. So Tomorrow we are off to Venice, crossing our fingers that the weather holds up

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