Day 7 – Crossing Fingers.. off to Venice to start Italy Tour

Up Bright and early again to catch the Tram to the airport. This time we have experience and we know what words mean airport and where we are supposed to go. I brought the luggage check in ahead of time so the cost will be cheaper so all went smooth. One again greeted with chocolates on swiss air, the flight was short and enjoyable. I was fearing the worst on this flight because we were flying over the alps and the weather was pretty bad, but it was smooth and Lauren flew like a champ. (secretly I am extremely proud of her because I know she doesn’t enjoy or like flying AT ALL, and we have had to bounce around a couple of countries already by flying. But after the first flight she has been great). Once we arrived in Venice we finally saw the Sun, smiles came across both of our faces as we have finally seen the fun. First we went to the Water Taxi desk to purchase tickets to get to the port for our hotel. The boat ride was slow and took around 45 mins to get to port. I felt bad, thinking it was going to be a lot shorter,but Lauren was in good spirits throughout as we stopped at numerous stops prior to getting to the port.Halfway into the ride a huge storm came and we both had the looks of disbelief and I was fearing the storm that started in London with us, and followed us into Switzerland, was now coming to Venice also! WHY!!!


Thankfully once we stopped at port the storm had stopped but the sky was still quite hazy. I walked around quickly before I was able to find our next boat to our hotel. I booked a hotel on a private island with JW Marriott so it was a 15-20min boat shuttle to our hotel from the main area in Venice, San Marco. Once we got on the boat we were able to see the beauty of the city. I was in aw, it was amazing the views of the grand canal and all the history and architecture really stuck with me. We got to the hotel a little early because of the flight we had to take, and had to wait for our room to be completed. I tried to give us an upgrade to the Master Suites which cost like over $1000 a night because im a “GOLD MEMBER” but they didn’t budge that far and only gave us 1 level upgrade J. They brought us to the area for food while we were waiting because we both were starving. Our room was available shortly after we finished lunch. During lunch we were looking through the programs and decided to take the Cooking Class that evening and we were in luck! The Pizza Cooking class was available and it was a fun activity we could do on the resort! We got back to the room and Lauren rested as I went on an adventure around our island taking pictures almost ever step. Finding out where the pools were, and the pictures of the grand canal, along with many of the hotel and its features. I also checked in to see where the SPA was at the hotel as it was well-known for the spas.


Once I got done exploring the island I went back and Lauren and I went down for the cooking class where we met chef Mickie along with other guests of the hotel. We met some amazing families while we were down there which made the experience enjoyable and fun. The class was Pizza and Beer so it was an enjoyable experience in a highclass kitchen. We first made the dough and went through the whole process of making it. Then we went into the room with the ovens where they gave us premade dough that had already had time to rise. We then continued to mold the dough, put our toppings on and then put it into a brick oven. They came out amazing, one family had small kids that were going to dinner after so there parents wouldn’t let them eat more than 2 pieces of there heart shapped pizza. It was really a fun time and we left knowing how to make our own Italian pizza from scratch.


After our pizza making experience with was evening and we took the boat into port. We adventured around San Marco for awhile, lauren didn’t know I wanted to take pictures of EVERY building, monument, and church I saw. Even though we were going back again tomorrow. We walked around for awhile winding our way through narrow old streets, and finally stopped at a really good looking gelato place. I have never had gelato before and didn’t even think it was “like ice cream”, but WOW! I was blow away I got the Strawberry and Cookie one and it was AMAZING! It was soo good we had to go back and get another one for lauren because the one I was sharing wasn’t enough!

2 thoughts on “Day 7 – Crossing Fingers.. off to Venice to start Italy Tour

  1. What a wonderful adventure. Truly living vicariously through your blog posts. One of the things you’ll always remember is the “chocolate”. Did they serve Lindt? Did you pick up any Venician Glass beads? Nora brought back a few baubles on her trip. A very nice souvenir.

    1. We got lindt chocolate when we went to the alps, at the very top of the mountain they had a shop that made them. So many different chocolates than I have seen back in the US. The Swiss take so much pride in there chocolate and there watches… Every corner and entire streets full of watch stores and chocolate
      In Venice we didn’t get any glass beads but lauren did get some
      Glass Jewlery. It was all beautiful from Murano, we didn’t get over to the island where they made it but by the way people were describing it it sounded a lot like Corning glass. 😬😀

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