Triple Dip with MileagePlus X App and United Explorer Credit Card

One of the best ways to earn additional miles quickly is through the MileagePlus X app. I usually forget but when you have a chance to check it before purchases it can of great Value especially when you combine it with the United Mileage Plus Explorer Card.

When going through the portal you can earn additional points for buying virtual gift cards. 

If you are already a MileagePlus Explorer card holder you can receive an additional 25% on your purchase.

Once you have purchased the gift card and use it in store you can achieve your bonus but for a triple dip you can use your gift card on the retailers website through the MileagePlus shopping portal.

Examples Below give you the run through: Recently my Wife and I needed new running shoes and found a great deal at Footlocker!

  1. Purchase Gift card on Portal $100 Footlocker 500 miles + 25%
  2. 100 miles on Credit Card Purchase
  3. Through United Mileage Plus Shopping Portal you earn 1x points for purchase 100 miles

So for a $100 transaction you can score 825 miles!

During many holidays and specials the bonuses within the Mileage X app can be over 10x the points!

This is a great way to boost your United Mileages with normal purchases!

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