Save a little on each purchase for a Big Fat Check.. EBates

One of the easiest and quickest ways to save money on everyday purchases online is signing up for EBates and going through the referral link. The reoccurring purchase I make and leverage EBates for are Contacts through Walgreens which is a 7% savings. You can even use the site for bigger puchases on BlueNile and other sites and really earn savings!

So how it works!

You create an account with EBates and then look through the portal for various different shops. You click the referral link and make the purchase like normal. Currently when you sign up you can earn a $10 bonus after your first qualified purchase

Below are just a few of the deals that are currently going on!

After you make your purchase the rebate amount will show up in your account and EBates  will mail or deliever your refund on a 3 month cycle which is illustrated below. You can also speed up the process by linking the account to PayPal.

I highly recommend signing up, I have been using EBates since 2002 and have never had an issue. The company is making it even easier now by linking specials to credit cards so the deals apply in store! Examples include Express so now you can still earn same % of savings while making in store purchases

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