Dunkin App DD Perks

If you regularly stop for coffee in the morning, or even if it is every so often once of the best ways benefit from your purchase is through utilizing the companies app. Today we will focus on the Dunkin DD Perks app, which I am a HUGE fan of!

You load your virtual gift card through either real Dunkin Gift cards or you can load it from your credit card, Visa Pay, or Apple Pay. Every purchase you make increases your overall points total and once you achieve 200 points you get a FREE Drink, any SIZE and Drink! During the summer I splurge and always get the most expensive item on the menu for free which at that time was the XL Arnold Palmer Coolata.

So if that wasn’t enough there are also personalize perks that you have on your app that increase the overall benefit. Some examples in the past include $.99 Large Coffee, 3x Points after 12, free donut with coffee purchase and more! They always have great perks one of the most memorable perks that my Wife and I leveraged every night after work would be $.99 large ice coffees after 3pm, we would buy them and put them in the fridge for the next day.

Another Huge benefit is there ability to Order on the Go. This allows you to order ahead of time and skip the line to pick up your order. Currently they are really pushing this new service so you can score 2-3x and your orders when pre ordering!

What is your take? Do you love dunkin and there Perks App or do you have a different program that you use?

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