2 Couples 1 Grand Hawaiian Vacation $11 Rt Flights! 

Two Couples One Grand Hawaiian Vacation $11 Round Trip Flights!

The goal of my blog is to help you achieve grand vacations and adventures for the cheap! Big Travel for Free!

My strategy and planning has been constantly stressed on my friends so we could book amazing travels for little to nothing! This was put to the test in December when I wanted to plan a Hawaiian Vacation and adventure with another couple!

I was successful with gaining the buy in necessary early in the year but they were skeptical to say the least. Majority signed up for my recommended card the Chase Sapphire Preferred and they also signed up for Amex Gold. Although they didn’t follow the #1 rule to not spend the points on Gift Cards they were still able to accumulate enough points to book a trip!

By leveraging the Chase Ultimate Rewards program and Amex Membership Rewards program we were able to transfer normal spending Rewards to United and Delta to book Round Trip flights to Hawaii for $10 a piece! These tickets were priced for over $800 a piece we saved over $3200 in flight tickets by just leveraging our daily spend and accumulating points!

Obviously I found super saver rewards for the dates we wanted to travel so instead of the typical 40,000 one  way ticket we got the ticket for 22,500 with a $5.60 tax fee for each! AMAZING Deal!!

22,500 points transferred from Chase to United x 2

22,500 points transferred from Amex to Delta x 2

There are no catches or gimmicks with this strategy, it is all about playing the game effectively and smart and knowing how to use your points/miles you save!

More to come on what else we booked and how we planned our grand Hawaiian Vacation.

Have you done something similar in the past?

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