Deal Finder Sites

Deal Finder Sites

Over the last several years I have come across and used various “Deal” sites across the web. Many have come and gone since they started to become popular on. Three of the ones I rely on

most often are Slickdeals, eDealInfo, and BrickSeek. Each of the sites have a distinctive advantage over the others along with there limitations.


SlickDeals has been my go to website for years now. I consistently view is on a daily basis as the content is always up to date and very user friendly to view. Slickdeals has done an amazing job with the layout for improved viewing and focusing on just the best deals. They prioritize the deals not only by the newest but also group them by day in an organized fashion along with identifying how popular an item is. The site

has various different products from electronics, clothing, to kitchenware and more. Anything that is a great deal whether it is from Amazon, company website, or another verified seller is displayed on there main page. They also have a great user form post where people can post deals and search for specific deals across the web.


This site has also been available for awhile and has been a pretty decent site for finding deals. I personally


find it less viewer friendly with there layout and a lot of “advertising” for services than products. They also don’t have the best grouping to see what’s new today vs yesterday as there layout is primarily scroll based to see all the deals. That said they do display very good deals that are company generated whether it is super clearance sales and additional coupons or specific product related. I try to view this site once a day but overall it is just to scroll through and see what products or services may be on sale.


The newest one to the collection, but also the most time sensitive is BreekSeek. Formerly a service that

specialized in finding Lego products on sale has evolved into a Product Inventory service that specializes

in identifying products on super sale or clearance based on inventory scanning. The catch with this is you have to ensure that not only is the product available in your local store but also that it is on sale. Once it is

you have to jump in the car and head over to see if it is actually in stock. I have only once successfully leveraged this technology with a Honeywell Wifi Thermostat that was on 80% off through Target. Most time my store stock is either at 0 or it is not on sale, but maybe your local store will have more luck than me. But be ready to sprint out the door to steal the deal!


I have been searching for and finding deal sites for many years and a bunch have come and gone throughout that time. These 3 consistently have been able to be the best sites for finding product deals and know when various companies are offering great sales events with coupons and more. I would recommend checking them out and seeing which site provides the best experience for you.
Do you have a different site that was mentioned above that you use for your deals? Let us know!

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