Wireless Thermostat & Utility Rebates

Wireless Thermostat & Rebates

Attention ALL HOMEOWNERS check with your Utility now! The government and utilities have been working to ensure energy efficiency programs are available to all customers and once of the easiest ways to save money with your gas and electric bill is with a Smart Thermostat.

Now many of you may be thinking I don’t need a smart toy to save money, and that may be the case. But I challenge you to luck farther into specials and deals! My local utility company gives special rebates for any smart Thermostat and if you buy a qualifying Thermostat and join and energy efficiency program through them you could be eligible for a $50 rebate!  (***Before you go buy a device before finishing this article ENSURE your device will work with the efficiency program only Certain Devices are eligible***)

All of this is very simple and it just takes a couple minutes to research! I came out with a Free Honeywell Thermostat after mail in Rebate and landed my first energy efficiency rebate this year after signing up for the program.

With my local utility the Connected Solutions program involved raising my temperature one degree during the summer months during “peak” usage time periods to take the load off the network! That was all automatic and either I wasn’t home during the time period or I wasn’t using AC so the impacts to me were zero!

Not only was there amazing rebates and incentives but I was also able to control the temperature remotely which is a huge plus with all my travel. For instance on long weekends to travel I can turn down my heat for the weekend and once I am about 30 minutes away from home bump up the temperature and be back in a comfy home!

I would encourage you to:
1. Visit your utility website and gain an understand of there rebate program for upgraded thermostats
2. Look to see if there are any energy efficiency programs available for continued use, i.e. National Grid has connected Solutions through Weatherbug
3. Find an eligible thermostat for BOTH the mail-in rebate and incentive program
4. Install and Save Money!

Have you purchased a smart thermostat? Were you aware of the incentives your utility may have?

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