Review: Dollar Shave Club Start Lookin Good Today

I was Skeptical but Dollar Shave Club Value is Real

Like most guys I was always purchasing razors to shave a couple times a year way after its useful life because of the price. Usually after getting a coupon in the mail for a free trial or coupon discount for the Gillette Fusion ProGlide or Schick Quattro. Or possibly many people like myself have switched to an electric razor because of the quality, time, and minimal mess involved.

My wife recently purchased me a Dollar Shave Club membership and I was extremely skeptical at first like many others when you hear ads on tv all the time.

The Razor

My wife opted for Dollar Shave Club’s The Executive razor which has 6 blades and comes with 4 refills for $1 for the first month. At first I didn’t think it would be any different than the typical Razors I have purchased in the past, but I was presently surprised. The shave was not only close and smooth but it didn’t didn’t cause any irritation. I have had the “top of the line” Gillette’s for many years and I always was left with irritation or cuts. This Razor will opened my eyes to a different perspective of shaving from one that it was always a pain or would be some trouble to an easy quick experience. The handle is heavy compared to others but not in a bad way, it had more width that the traditional Gillette  and others but it provides control and comfort with a high quality feel. The Blades are top of line steel and they also have the industry norm Special Trimmer Edge on the back side to true up edges and finish side burns.

The Total Package

In the package she also added the Easy Shave Butter, Post Shave Crew, and Repair Serum. For me at first glance this was overload coming from the typical shave of either using the electric shaver for the quick and easy or making a mess with shaving cream.

Shave Butter

I was BLOWN away using Dollar Shave Club’s Shave Butter for the first time. It is a completely different shaving experience that prepares your skin during the 10-15 seconds of wait time after you put it on for a clean smooth shave. It is formulated to help soften the hair for to increase the shaving flow and also helps prevent ingrown hairs. The ingredients are gentle on your skins and excludes toxins such as paraben and sulfate while still fighting razor burn. And I actually really like the smell of the shave butter it had a fresh manly scent that ensured you that you were going to look your best after this shave!

Post Shave Cream

I have used after shave products in the past, and most haven’t lasted more than a week before I see no benefit or throw it out because of the reaction my face gets after applying. Dollar Shave Club’s Post Shave Cream has been different, it helps soothe the skin after shaving and leaving your face fresh and hydrated. Some other products mention they leave your face feeling non-greasy but in most cases they still do. This is the first time I have used a post shave cream and have been really pleased with the outcome. You look great, skin is hydrated, and your ready for the rest of your day

Miracle Repair Serum

As you have probably noticed I haven’t always known about the other products on the market to enhance the shaving experience. Dollar Shave Club’s Miracle Repair Serum is another product  that I started using because of this package and it is something I will always use going forward. It is specially formulated for sensitive and irritation prone skin to reduce bumps, burns, and ingrown hairs. The ingredients are loaded with antioxidants to help protect the skin from toxins and reduce redness and inflammation.

Lookin Good and Ready to GO

After many years of using many products with different chemicals that state they are going to reduce redness and irritation and enhance the shaving experience issues still arose. You can’t beat a quality shave without a quality razor and quality products. Dollar Shave Club has made this possible for an intro price of $1. I strongly recommend you try it out and let me know your feedback. I have been overall impressed with the results, the quality, and the price.

Have you tried out Dollar Shave Club? What are your thoughts or concerns?


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