Amex Gold Business: Great Small Business Card

Have a Side Gig? You have a Small Business

Any type of selling activity can qualify you for a Small Business Card! From the local farmers market to selling on eBay or Etsy. If you currently sell on any type of platform this is a great opportunity to jump for the American Express Gold Business Rewards card. After $5,000 of spend in 3 months you can earn 50,000 bonus points. But beware this is a Charge Card.

The great value with the American Express Gold Business Rewards Card is that it is free for the first year and you have the option to select 1 of  5 categories for 3x the points and the remaining 4 earn 2x.

  • Airfare directly purchased from airlines
  • Advertising purchases
  • Gas
  • Shipping
  • Computer hardware, software, and cloud computing

This is an excellent way to add a Wealth of Points to your Amex Membership Rewards. Amex provides a lot of power and flexibility to transfer partners which is a huge asset when looking for the most value. One partner that we have transferred a lot to in the past is Delta.

What is the difference of a Charge Card?

Amex gives you the flexibility of spending on a charge card with no preset spending limits. Which is great for big spend in a business or making large purchases. But beware, you must pay the bill in full every month. There is no minimum payment option, you must pay it all off.

Apply as Sole Proprietor Small Business

Myself like others may not have an actual business pin to use for applying, and in those cases you can use your Social Security number to apply. A huge benefit of the business card is that is doesn’t show up on your personal credit report, even if you used your social security number. So it will not impact or count towards Chase 5/24 rule!

Benefits Beyond Signup Bonus

One of the most valuable benefits of the Amex Business card is the advertising purchases bonus. If you’re looking to advertise on social media through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other sites this is the card for you. With a max Spending reward Redemption of $100,000 on the 3x bonus that would earn you 300,000 points, worth over $5,700 in travel and more if transferred to other partners.

Yes not everyone will be spending $100,00 on advertising or any advertising at all but it is a key advantage from other business cards currently on the market.

Do you have a Small Business? Is the Amex Gold Business Card the card you use for cyour business?


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