My name is Josh and I am anything but a true writer. In this blog I will first and foremost give you the best strategies and techniques to be able to explore the world with little to no money, which I like to consider “Big Travel for Free”.

I think my passion for points and finding deals started at a young age with my mom, when there was this website now out of business where you could get almost anything for free after mail in rebate. The idea behind it always intrigued me and I could never figure out how a company could do that, clearly there business model was far from effective because they later went out of business after a year. Then came EBates, the simple idea where you do your normal business purchase but go through a different portal and you get a “Big Fat Check” in the mail. To Date that has earned me over $500 in savings.

In college I starting dabbling in the credit card points game, this was long before I actually knew this was a huge hobby to others in the world and tried to understand how could I save enough point/miles… to have a free honeymoon.. From there my passion and strategy was born around Points and Miles.

Also in this blog I want to be able to share some great insights to business, deals, finances, and overall life aspects that I have come across in my research that has really helped me grow and develop a plan for the future.

I hope some of these aspects interest and excite you as much as they do for me, and I want to reiterate Writing, English, Grammar are NOT my strong suit but I will work on trying to effectively teach and discuss topics that come across. My goal is to have 1-3 Topics/Discussions posted each day and start a conversation with any end user!

Thanks for your interest and if you have any Questions please reach out!


Running around figuring out how to explain more about our journey and how to share it with the world!

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